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pcMagic Website Design
to satisfy your needs today and tomorrow

Business & Commercial websites: pcMagic website design starts with understanding the marketing of your business.
Product: What are you selling? What services are you providing?
Market: Who are you selling to? Age, gender, SEG...
Offer: What is the deal on offer? Understand the contract you are offering your customers.
Approach: How are you reaching your market now? In the future?
Internet function: How can your internet presence support/satisfy these needs?
Website development: By coming to an understanding of these aspects of your commercial environment, we can best present your business on the web. Importantly, you will invest in a website which not only provides you with a web presence today but also designed with functionality which will meet your business needs in the coming years..
More: call 01872 865305/07812343354.
Domain Registration: Click here to register your preferred domain.
Hosting: Click here for optimum hosting
Website Design
...customised to your needs.
Static html: What you see is what you get. Unless the website owner has skills in programming, any changes to the website need to be made by a website designer and then uploaded to the internet via ftp access.
CMS: The owner of the website can edit the website without paying their website designer to make the changes. Password access allows the owner to open any page in something similar to a word document.
Online Shop: Similar to a CMS site, with all the text saved in a database but with the additional facility for visitors to purchase goods or services via an online merchant account.
More: call 01872 865305/07812343354.

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