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pcMagic Design - Tunes your website for Google
with Search Engine Optimising

Free consultation: Even the best looking website design will not attract visitors unless it has been tuned to reflect your key search phrases. pcMagic Design offers a no-strings-attached, FREE consultation to help you understand how search engine spiders crawl your website.
Accurate and useful data: The first step towards developing a website design with built-in Search Engine Optimisation is to acquire useful and accurate data. This is an inexpensive pcMagic Design service, the starting point to tuning your website for the search engines.
Key Search Phrases: There is no magic wand to bring you to the first page on Google but there are strict rules to follow. One of the most important is realistic Key Search Phrases.
Level 1 SEO: Our entry level Search Engine Optimising service will tune your page titles. meta tags, meta descriptions, alt & title tags, as well as analyse the Google-friendly structure of your site.
Level 2 SEO: Builds on the success of the Level 1 campaign. Tweaks the key phrases balance within body text and starts to develop the all important triangular "back links".

More: call 01872 865305/07812343354.
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