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Design ideas - some fun
some practical
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Standard fonts: can be used in the knowledge that 99% of users will have these fonts installed. More...
Special fonts: the world is your oyster. avant garde . brauhaus, Simpson, Coke... but these should only be used in picture form. More...
Slide Shows: There are so many different slideshows which can be used: random, visitor controlled, linked, captioned... .
Random pictures: Make your site more interesting by displaying different pictures every time a visitor returns to your site. [LINK]
Random text: makes your site more attractive to Google... fresh content is more interesting. Different text (sayings, quotes, information) for different days of the week/month/year, or each time the page is refreshed. [LINK]
Hover text: to reveal more text, different text, expand an explanation.
Hover pictures: to reveal different pictures, different text.
Animated pictures: adds interest to your site, decorative, adverts, navigation aid...
Animated help characters: stationary, moving, (dis)appearing; advisory notes, drawing attention or just fun! [LINK]
More: call 01872 865305.
How about a phase of the moon insert in your website? 
Games: A device used to encourage visitors to return to your website and encourage them to tell their friends where to find you.

one for sorrow two for joy three for a girl
four for a boy five for silver six for gold
seven for a secret that's never been told eight is for the unexpected rhyme better phone pcMagic & don't waste time!

level 0 -- the Computer is totally dumb.
level 1 -- Computer is smarter.
level 2 -- You MAY win (if you start).
level 3 -- Computer NEVER lose.
Bookmark this page: encourage visitors to add the address of your website to their favourites list.
Make our site your homepage: if your site might be somewhere the visitor would be interested in visiting first thing every day.
News feed: encourages your visitors to return to your site every day and provides fresh content for Google. [LINK]
Changing background: allow visitors to change the background to mix and match colours - suitable for kitchen design, wedding flowers...
No VAT on pcMagic Design charges.
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