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Freelance costs make Business Internet Solutions
affordable for Small and Medium sized Companies

Half price internet solutions: When compared to equivalent packages offered by off the peg business software or consultancies, you can expect to save half your development budget... or, get twice as much for your money, when you choose a freelance solution.
Freelance flexibility: Using a freelance service, you will be able to tap into a resource of internet and development specialists, who don't charge the earth. Your freelance project manager will select the right persons for your project, rather than in-house staff.
How much will it cost? Obviously that depends on the scope of your project but full business management systems tied into online ecommerce websites start from as little as £2,000. An initial chat will cost the same as your initial "ball-park" quotation - FREE. We can usually provide you with an idea of how much your project will cost, based upon an outline specification, within 24 hours. Call us now and start the clock ticking... 01872 865305/07812343354.
Size doesn't matter: No project is too big or too small. We work with other trusted freelance designers, Internet Support Staff (for less skilled tasks) and proven senior programmers for more complex projects.
Payment Terms: Initial quotation - FREE. Analysis and Design Phase will depend on the size of the project but you should allow for a minimum of £400. At the end of this phase, a final quotation figure is agreed based upon a full analysis of the project. A client's commitment of 50% of the quoted price is then due. An 80% payment is agreed on mutual criteria and final payment due on sign off.
Hidden costs & VAT: There are no hidden costs. There will be no surprise charges for additional services. pcMagic Design is not registered for VAT, so there will be no VAT charges.

call 01872 865305/07812343354.
Retail and Wholesale: Separate online shops with differentiated price levels according to client group for credit, account and partial purchases.
Secure CPI Hosting: Hosting solution upgradable to satisfy your traffic levels with PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DSS (Data Security Standard) compliance.
Synchronised Delivery Solutions: Postcode integration, Royal Mail, Parcel Force, international delivery, parcel tracking.
Integrated Stock Control: Barcode support for rolling stock take, returned goods, delivery checking and automated real time ordering. Ordered Pick and Post listing. Drop shipping. Part shipping. Customised versions of backend administration.
Built in Marketing: Banner Management. Automated SEO. Up-sell to a higher priced item. Cross-sell... those who have bought. Product Comparison. Price comparison with competitors. Gift wrapped? Gift vouchers. Reward scheme. Wish list. Quotation generation. Category based product fields and webpage design. Data feed for bulk email marketing. Automated upload of product data to 3rd party online shops such as Google. Marketing source data.
Management Controls and Reports: Website activity reports. Who's on line? Current activity. Landing and exit pages. Flexible Sales Reports. Users specified Financial Statements. Low stock, cold stock, valuation, turnover. Product, Customer, Website, Supplier Analyses. Customisable reports.
Future Proofing: Your complete business internet solution needs to be protected against future changes in Operating Systems and Office Software developments. You need flexibility to allow your business to grow and use new methods of working. You need to stay in control of your operations and be able to access essential management data regardless of your location and on any internet connection, even the mobile phone in your pocket.
Call us today to start discussion about your complete internet business solution.
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